• Anxious about returning to the workplace (5/18/2020) Q: I am being asked to return to the office in July/August, after working at home because of the COVID-19.  I am nervous and have anxiety about working in a cubicle-type environment.  We don’t have an EAP, or else I … Continued
  • Silence after interviews (5/11/2020) Q: I applied for a job as a financial analyst about three months ago, before the pandemic.  I had a telephone interview and it went well.  They invited me onsite for a face-to-face interview and I was given encouraging feedback … Continued
  • Internship cancelled, now what? (5/4/2020) Q:  My summer internship was just cancelled because of COVID-19.  I am devastated.  I need to gain some work experience as I am a junior.  I went abroad this year so didn’t have the opportunity to work during the semester, … Continued
  • Returning to an office, what can we do? (4/27/2020) Q:  I own a small professional services firm.  We hope to have a few employees return to work in the office sometime in May, 2020.  Do you have any thoughts on how to do this safely?  What are other employers … Continued
  • Re-opening a Business During the Summer (4/20/2020) Q:  I hope to re-open my business over the summer, based on CDC recommendations and Governor Baker’s guidance.  In March, I furloughed most of my employees.  I am concerned that one employee, who is part-time, will not want to return.  … Continued
  • A rescinded offer, now what? (4/13/2020) Q: I am a December grad.  I am a finance major.  I am afraid of my job hunt in this new “COVID-19 world.”  What should I be doing to help my search?  I had an offer for a very good … Continued
  • Help! After a COVID-19-related layoff (3/30/2020) Q:  I just lost my job, largely because of COVID-19.  My employer (about 75 employees) had to reduce staff because we had to close for a month or so.  We are not sure when we will be back in business.  … Continued
  • Working from home and feeling isolated? Read on. (3/23/2020) Q: I am worried about my employees with all the talk about COVID-19.  What are practical ways we avoid feeling socially isolated? A: Great question.  Many of the questions that we have been fielding are about reducing costs, shutdowns, furloughs, … Continued
  • COVID-19 – some employee questions answered (3/18/2020) Q: I work for a retailer in downtown Boston.  Foot traffic has almost stopped.  I am not sure how long my business owner can stay open with the coronavirus concerns.  I think my boss wants to lay us off temporarily … Continued