We align your human capital to business results…sounds nice, but what does that mean? We can help you reduce what you spend on compensation, benefits and the hiring process, and reduce the time (really $$$) spent on solving problems and resolving conflicts. Here are some ways we can help improve your business results through your people:

  • Many of our clients use our services on an “as-needed” basis — even as few as 5 hours per week. Rather than hire a full-time HR Vice President/Director, our clients use First Beacon Group LLC! This arrangement can save you thousands of dollars annually in compensation and benefits expense. We can work within very strict budget limitations.
  • Talent Acquisition and Recruitment – this is a growing area of our services. We can provide expertise on a wide range of roles across different industries. We have worked in biotech/life sciences, professional services, non-profits, healthcare and manufacturing.
  • Handbooks and Compliance Advice — we can develop or edit your employee handbook to ensure it conveys accurate information, and complies with your company size, as well as local and federal statutes.
  • HR Support – we can serve as your HR partner, and provide counsel on employee relations matters, as well as processing payroll, administering benefits, as well as attendance at employee meetings, as needed
  • Compensation Benchmarking – we can benchmark single roles, or design a robust compensation system. We have a survey library, where we can access data for a variety of roles, industries and geographic locations. There are several factors which impact compensation levels. A controller in Manhattan is quite different than a controller in Boise.
  • Affirmative Action Plans — let us handle this time-consuming task for you. If you employ 50 or more workers, ask whether you may have to develop a plan for your organization.