AI and interview questions

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Q: I have heard that you can use AI to answer online interview questions?  What is your opinion on that? 

A: Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is using technology to respond in a human-like way.  Typically, there is a question or an instruction which prompts an answer, an explanation or other “human-like” thinking.

When I typed your question into a Microsoft’s AI tool, it responded with the following:

That is a very interesting question. There is no definitive answer to whether it is ethical to use AI to respond to interview questions, as different people may have different views and values on this topic. However, some possible arguments for and against this practice are:

  • For: Using AI to respond to interview questions may be seen as a way of enhancing one’s communication skills and presenting oneself in the best possible light. AI may also help candidates overcome language barriers, anxiety, or other challenges that may affect their performance in interviews. Moreover, using AI may be a way of demonstrating one’s creativity, innovation, and adaptability to new technologies, which are valuable skills in the modern workplace.
  • Against: Using AI to respond to interview questions may be seen as a form of deception, dishonesty, or cheating, as it does not reflect the true abilities and personality of the candidate. AI may also create unfair advantages or disadvantages for candidates, depending on the quality and accuracy of the AI program and the criteria used by the interviewer. Furthermore, using AI may be a way of avoiding personal responsibility, accountability, and authenticity, which are important traits for building trust and rapport with potential employers.

Ultimately, the ethics of using AI to respond to interview questions may depend on several factors, such as the purpose, context, and consequences of using AI, the expectations and consent of the interviewer, and the moral principles and values of the candidate.

Now back to my own human response!  I think AI can be a useful tool.  Some uses could include: writing a job description, composing a memo about an upcoming office holiday closure, or leaving instructions for a dog sitter.  Conversely though I think any time you need to write a document or passage, which has your “voice,” then AI can miss the mark.

Additionally, the ethnical dilemma is real, in my opinion.  Most interview questions are assuming that the interviewee is responding with their own human brain.  It would be important to disclose that AI is being used for the responses, which can defeat the purpose of using AI.  I think we will see requests from employers which direct a job seeker to respond without assistance from other sources, including AI tools.  If a job seeker uses such a tool, after being given these instructions, I bet many would view this response as deceptive.

I think we will see an increased reliance on AI, particularly to draft a memo or a response.  It may get the writer 75% the way to completion, but then the writer may have to edit, refine, and finalize the document with their own tone and style.

Pattie Hunt Sinacole is a human resources expert and works for First Beacon Group in Hopkinton, an HR consulting firm. She contributes weekly to Jobs and the Boston Sunday Globe Money & Careers section.

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