No logos, no tables, no mangers

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Q: I recently upgraded my resume. I have sent it to several large employers in New England. I have attached a copy for your review. Can you comment? I am not getting a lot of responses.

A: Thanks for attaching your resume for my review. A few comments for you and others to consider:

  1. Delete the logos! Logos on resumes often confuse applicant tracking systems (ATS). Most large employers use an ATS to organize resumes which have been submitted online. An ATS often has a search function which allows the hiring team to later retrieve and view resumes.
  2. Consider using one font throughout your resume. A simple font is better than a complicated font. Also, use a reasonable font size, not a microscopic font! The use of different fonts make a resume look patched together. You want your resume to have a clean and consistent look.
  3. I like that you added your LinkedIn URL. However, you can customize your LinkedIn URL. For example, my LI url is In Linkedin, enter “customize my public profile” and LinkedIn will share the steps.  It takes less than 3 minutes to customize your LinkedIn profile.
  4. You have a typo, and a common one. I see the word “manger” in your resume, and it should be “manager” in most resumes. “Manger” slips through spellcheck because it is a word. Spellcheck is great but it does not catch all typos.
  5. Identify your accomplishments, rather than just describe your responsibilities. Try to quantify your value.
  6. Since you are in an industry where technical skills are required, think about devoting a separate section of your resume to technical skills.
  7. Make sure that your resume includes keywords, which will help you land at the top of the pile (or more likely an ATS search). Often an ATS allows a recruiter or hiring manager to search by keywords. If keywords are not in your resume, then you will be overlooked. You might be very qualified but you will not rise to the top of the search.
  8. I think an objective section can work against you. An objective can limit your options. Instead, think about a summary section. Your summary can also include keywords.
  9. Remove the embedded table. It doesn’t scan well.
  10. Reduce your resume to two pages max. Unless you have many patents or publications to include, your resume should be two pages tops. Some of us can probably reduce it to one page.

Finally, review and update your resume at least once per year.

Pattie Hunt Sinacole is a human resources expert and works for First Beacon Group in Hopkinton, an HR consulting firm. She contributes weekly to Jobs and the Boston Sunday Globe Money & Careers section.