Tips for a job search in 2018

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Q:  One of my goals for 2018 is to land a new job.  I have been at my current company (in a few different roles) for 20 plus years.  My guess is that my current role will be phased out and moved overseas within the next 6 months.  I am a bit afraid of current job hunting process.  It seems technology has really overtaken face-to-face interviewing and mailing out resumes.  Where do I begin?

A:  Your challenge is more common than you think!  I have received this question many times.  Have no fear, I have some advice!

  1. If you don’t have your resume in a word document, start there. Update it and have it available on a PC or laptop so you can continue to update it.  Then, you will be able to share it quickly with others, or apply to roles online.  Mailing a resume is definitely a dated practice.  Most job seekers are emailing or uploading a resume.  I suggest an annual review of your resume, whether you are job hunting or not.  I review my resume every January.  It is still accurate?  Does it reflect my professional capabilities well?  Have I learned any new skills which I should add?  As a last step, ask a trusted friend or relative to review your resume.  Their feedback will be helpful as we don’t always catch our own mistakes.
  2. Do some research. Follow the Job Doc column for information on job hunting!
  3. If you are not on LinkedIn, begin to develop a profile on LinkedIn. Connect with others, from both the past and present.  Join groups on LinkedIn.  Make sure that you have a profile picture that represents you well.
  4. Consider other ways which technology can help with your search. Consider Twitter and other ways of exploring new opportunities.
  5. Research professional associations. Professional associations often post jobs for their members online at a reduced cost.
  6. Check out alumni groups. Take a more active role if your college or university has a local alumni group.
  7. Visit Meetup is a site where people with common interests can connect.  There are dozens of career-related job hunting groups on meetup.
  8. What hasn’t changed a lot in job hunting is the value of networking.  Begin to reach out to personal and professional contacts.  Have your resume ready to share with them.  Most of your contacts will expect that you will be ready to share a resume via email.  Write a quick email note after you have met with one of your contacts to thank them and then attach a copy of your resume. Networking is still a very effective way of finding out about job leads.  Think about adding these contacts on LinkedIn as well.

Finally, remember after you have landed a new role, to be available to others who may be looking for a new opportunity.  Sharing your job hunting experience will be invaluable to them!

Pattie Hunt Sinacole is a human resources expert and works for First Beacon Group in Hopkinton, an HR consulting firm. She contributes weekly to Jobs and the Boston Sunday Globe Money & Careers section.